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Profile A passion for technology like no other, always on my best and eager to try my hands at many different challenges. I am self-motivated and determined to solve every problems that come to play. My goals are to simply strive in this technological era that surrounds every one of us. I remain unruffled under stress; able to maintain decisiveness and self-control in any situation.

Education From the very beginning I knew that I wanted to work with computer technology my whole life. That is why I chose to major in Computer Systems, which allows me to try many different areas of IT applications such as database programming, web programming and my favorite systems/network administration.

My skills With more than 12 years’ of experience with Computer Technology, I understand the many root causes of PC and software problems. I can deliver an experience to customers, saving down time with troubleshooting and diagnosing the problem quickly and effectively.

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  • Christian is an inspiration to his peers - a real great guy, you should definitely hire him!

    - Aehsanullah Hashimi

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Tekserve | Apple Specialist


Tekserve caught my eyes when I was in pursue for a job at Apple retail, I would say that their role as an Apple premium repair shop has allowed them to become a brand that sets themselves apart from Apple.

A place that gets to showcase Apple products and repair them is a place that I would love to work in.


Apple Store


Apple simplistic and minimalistic approach to design has inspired me. That it is not only about the way it works, but the way it feels and makes you feel. I would love to work in an Apple retail environment where I can help consumers and costumers with their tech problems.

To inspire and to put smiles on peoples face is why it’s so important for me to one day work at Apple. Because this is it, this is what matters.


I am always on the hunt.


My passion for technology is vast and far out reaches my preferred work location. If you believe I would be a great fit for your company, contact me and let's chat about it.

I am always on the hunt for the next big job offer, and that offer may be you.