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Profile A passion for technology like no other, always at my best and eager to overcome any challenge. Self-motivated and determined to solve every problem that arises. My goals are to simply strive in this technological era that surrounds every one of us. Will remain unruffled under stress; able to maintain decisiveness and self-control under any situation.

My skills With more than twelve years’ of experience with Computer Technology, I understand the many root causes of hardware and software problems. I can deliver an experience to customers, saving down time with troubleshooting and diagnosing the problem quickly and effectively.

Employers have said

  • "Christian is a hard worker, and a great team player. Any company who brings him on board will benefit from his professional and academic abilities"

    Douglas Tondreau
  • "Christian is an inspiration to his peers - a real great guy, you should definitely hire him"

    Aehsanullah Hashimi

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Embrace Home Loans


Embrace has been recommended to me many times. Due to the fact that Embrace at its core is a customer focus, family oriented company. Their simplicity and intriguing technical jobs available makes it impossible for me not to look forward to working with them.

A place where my cousin Odalis speaks highly of is a place I want to work for!


Fidelity Investments


Fidelity has been on my target list ever since I interned with them. A fast-paced, forward-thinking workplace environment.


I am always on the hunt


My passion for technology is vast and far out reaches my preferred work location. If you believe I would be a great fit for your company, contact me and let's chat about it.

I am always on the hunt for the next big job offer, and that offer may be you.